Name of best practice



(Type of entity implementing the initiative)

A pharmaceutical company 



Respecting the individual for who they are


(youth LGBTI+, adult LGBTI+, schools, labour market)

Labour Market, Employees within the company


Kind of intervention

2. Individual-based interventions



From the company: to give a positive appeal that works well for its image;

For the employees/clients: to give a sense of emotional security, sense of belonging, valued corporate culture and self- motivation


Description of the implementation

Case example: Takeda accompanied two transgender individuals through their gender confirmation process by allowing them to change their work area in the company due to their gender, and by knowingly employing one of them who was in the process of undergoing their change in civil status, and thereafter re-introducing them and re-integrating them with their confirmed identity in the company.


Resources needed to implementation

Employer and employee resources have been unspecified


Results of implementation

Expected results are an increase in motivation and engagement, furthering of talent pool, new business opportunities and clients, valued corporate culture, greater respect and genuine mutual interest



Improving unemployment rates of the trans population

Low cost of making changes for the reintegration of these people

Greater visibility of trans people



Not accompanied by a policy of raising awareness with other colleagues

Ideological conflicts

Lack of available posts for the change of position, especially in small and medium-sized company


Reference website of Best Practice TAKEDA:–inclusion


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