Name of best practice

Proyecto Ámbar (Amber Project)


(Type of entity implementing the initiative)

‘Fundación 26 de Diciembre’

(Funding: Community of Madrid grant)



Reducing the unemployment rate among the trans community.


(youth LGBTI+, adult LGBTI+, schools, labour market)

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Kind of intervention

Individual interventions, as to encourage skills and/or personal competences development, which should foster self-knowledge



Training and support for trans people


Description of the implementation

Training: Free training sessions aimed at mastering work skills. The foundation works with partner institutions and companies that are in charge of these workshops.

Individual Employment support: Support in all stages of job hunt, including professional and soft skills training, search strategies, job interview preparation.

Professional Intermediation: Mediation between job candidates and hiring companies. Creation of a network of partner companies (Ámbar network), including relevant firms such as Pantene, Carrefour or PayPal.


Resources needed to implementation

Human resources to offer training

Mediation team.



Results of implementation

No available data yet (recent implementation).



Human capital trained in social integration



Lack of financing


Reference website of Best Practice Ambar:


Link to video about Ambar project (include contact): Link