Name of best practice



(Type of entity implementing the initiative)

Global services and consulting company, offering strategy, consulting, digital and operations service



To adhere to strict non-discrimination and meritocracy policies and provide a clear, open line of communication between employees and management, and to increase the engagement of our LGBT employees in local communities and geographies


(youth LGBTI+, adult LGBTI+, schools, labour market)

LGBTI+ and other labour market, labour market


Kind of intervention

1. Training

2. Policies

3. Employee Benefits

4. Professional Development



To raise awareness and educate Accenture staff about their LGBT community, while simultaneously supporting their LGBT employees worldwide, reflecting the core values of Accenture, which shapes its culture, defines its character and fosters its ability to help their clients achieve high performance.


Description of the implementation

1. Training programs designed to build awareness and understanding of the LGBT community

2. The recruitment, promotion and retention policies and guidelines are aimed to ensure the equal treatment of employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, where permitted by law.

3. Benefits, strive to provide identical employee benefits to same-sex and opposite-sex partners in all the countries in which we operate and where permitted by law. In addition, in the United States, comprehensive health benefits are offered for US-based transgender employees including coverage for hormone therapy, mental health counselling and transgender-specific surgeries.

4. Professional development is meant to facilitate career growth and encourage networking and mentoring among our LGBT+ employees


Resources needed to implementation

Not stated


Results of implementation

In the United Kingdom, Accenture ranked 7th in the Stonewall Top 100 Employers 2012 and as one of its “consistent top performers.”



Only depends on a company’s willingness and commitment

Incentives/other types of benefits for companies that apply it



More outside pressure (political) on companies would be needed

Funding (if the company needs it)


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