Name of best practice



(Type of entity implementing the initiative)

A chemical company



To share positive resources such as communication and social exchanges on sexuality and gender orientation


(youth LGBTI+, adult LGBTI+, schools, labour market)

Labour market, adults LGBTI+


Kind of intervention

Social network competency development



To give a sense of emotional security, sense of belonging, valued corporate culture and self- motivation


Description of the implementation

BASF has an employee network ‘LGBT + Friends’ where issues and concerns of homosexual, bisexual and Transgender individuals are addressed


Resources needed to implementation

Employer and employee resources have been unspecified


Results of implementation

Increase in motivation and engagement, furthering of talent pool, new business opportunities and clients, valued corporate culture, greater respect and genuine mutual interest



Social networks

Public impact



Reaching less to the older people

In some sectors business culture is a bit mind closed


Reference website of Best Practice BASF:


Link to video about BASF “Pride Month”: