Name of best practice

Proyecto de fomento del empleo LAMBDA

Lambda project for the promotion of employment


(Type of entity implementing the initiative)

City of Valencia’s unit for municipal development in partnership with LAMBDA (LGBT non-profit)



Fostering the integration of LGBT people in the labour market with the intention of reducing LGBT-phobia in the workplace.


(youth LGBTI+, adult LGBTI+, schools, labour market)

Labour Market, Youth LGBTI+

Adult LGBTI+


Kind of intervention

2. individual counselling

3. individual interventions, as to encourage skills and/or personal competences development.



Facilitating the access of LGBT individuals to the labour market or enhancing their chances of promotion in their current job.

Especial attention is payed to people in a situation of socio-occupational vulnerability.


Description of the implementation

Job Orientation: Free service with a proactive and participative approach. Some of the services offered include:

  • Individualized interview,
  • Job profile analysis.
  • Professional skills training
  • Support in job interview preparation
  • Management of job offers
  • Entrepreneurship advice

Access to the ‘Valencia Activa’ job bank featuring job opportunities from several partner companies and institutions.


Resources needed to implementation

Human resources team.

Training team

Job bank supported by collaborating companies.


Results of implementation

Not available.



Support of NGOs

Promotes contact between companies and young people



Establish collaboration agreements between local entities and companies


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