Name of best practice

Slovenská sporiteľna


(Type of entity implementing the initiative)




Raising awareness on equal treatment among employers, respecting the individual for who they are and sharing positive communication on sexuality and gender orientation


(youth LGBTI+, adult LGBTI+, schools, labour market)

Labour market: Employees, clients, and organisation as a whole


Kind of intervention

Training and/or group workshops



Company: image of the company and positive appeal for employers and jobseeker in order to find the best person for the respective job

For the employees: to give a sense of emotional security, sense of belonging, valued corporate culture and self- motivation


Description of the implementation

Slovenská sporiteľňa supports several LGBT cultural activities of NGOs in order to promote diversity of its clients and therefore sending a strong signal to their employees and possible jobseekers on diversity.


Resources needed to implementation

Human resources: Employer resources (several thousand of EUR), employee resources (unspecified)


Results of implementation

Increase in motivation and engagement, furthering of talent pool, new business opportunities and clients, valued corporate culture, greater respect and genuine mutual interest



Support from companies or other employers as sponsorship



Civil society organisations would find this sort of programme harder to fund


Reference website of Best Practice Slovenská sporiteľna: