Synthesis report

This report synthesises the main findings from the legislative report, the best practice examples and the field report. The report details how some partner countries have more robust legislative frameworks than others, which groups of organisations are exemplifying best practices and what needs to be done in order for employers and young LGBT+Q+ youth to step forward in order to promote diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Field Report

This report summarises key findings from interviews and focus group discussions held with LGBT+Q+ youth and key stakeholders. It describes the first-hand experiences of discrimination encountered by young people of sexual and gender minority, as well as gives a deeper understanding of the barriers and facilitators to engaging and supporting the employment of LGBT+Q+ youth.

Best Practice examples

This report provides an overview of best practice examples observed in companies with respect to promoting acceptance, tolerance and diversity in the workplace. The highlighted best practice examples demonstrate key values and principles that should be focussed on when considering labour rights and promoting a climate of acceptance and inclusion in employment settings.

Review of legislative frameworks regarding young LGBT+Q+ labour rights and non-discrimination

This review highlights the legal aspects concerning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It comprises several comparative reports from the EU as well as the Consortium member countries. The review focuses on the equal treatment principle as the principle of non-discrimination within the respective national regulations, and highlights case laws of national courts where available.

Final Report 2022

This report gives an overview of the activities of the WE Project from its inception till its conclusion. All milestones, research, activities and deliverables were accomplished within the stipulated times, with positive reviews and amazing teamwork.