Our Consortium

Medical University of Vienna

Centre for Public Health, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine is the largest medical university in Austria and the largest centre for medical research. The Centre for Public Health and Department of Social and Preventive Medicine is dedicated to high quality training in various avenues of public health and preventive medicine as well as conducting various research in topics of predominantly social determinants of health. One of the most important aspects of research conducted is in working environment, productivity and effects of discrimination on health and well-being of various vulnerable populations.

Universidad de Valencia – Polibienestar Research Institute (UVEG)

Polibienestar-UVEG is composed by an interdisciplinary team with 38 senior and 18 junior researchers with national and European experience from nine different departments from the University of Valencia and six associated units from the Universities: Castellón, Murcia, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León, Extremadura, and Politécnica de Madrid). The staff of Polibienestar is composed of researchers from different backgrounds working together to study health and social phenomena, including experts on medicine, psychology, sociology, political science, social work, economy, law, education engineering, and architecture. This allows to carry out interdisciplinary research, innovation and social technology, technical advice and training in the fields of health and social policies. Polibienestar has strong leadership position and capacity to carry out number of activities such as policy recommendations and guidelines to advice policy makers in different topics.

Comenius University in Bratislava

Comenius University in Bratislava is the oldest and largest university in Slovak Republic. Since its founding in 1919, it has taken a leading position in Slovak educational system with broad scope of scientific research fields (e.g. medicine, law, sociology, natural sciences, etc.). Its Faculty of Law provides numerous PhD. programs that focus on various aspects of public life such as administrative law or labour and social security law.

Forum for Freedom in Education (FFE)

With more than 25 years of experience in teacher training and non- formal education and with more than 1000 participant annually, the FFE is one of the leading Croatian NGOs in the field of education. FEE has a large experience developing training materials and digital platforms.

SORA – Institute for Social Research and Consulting

One of the leading private institutes for social sciences in Austria with clients from the areas of public institutions, politics, advocacy groups and private corporations. SORA works with various empirical quantitative and qualitative methods and stands for high expertise in social-science methodology and multi-disciplinary orientation. In the fields of research and consulting SORA’s thematic focus is on employment and labour market issues. As an established partner in European social research, SORA coordinated and participated in various EU-funded projects and cooperates with numerous European scientific institutes. Together with the Austrian Chamber of Labour, SORA conducted two major surveys within the last three years. The specialization in labour market research will be fundamental to the project results.

JAZAS – Association Against AIDS

Established in 1991 by medical doctors and professors at Medical Faculty University of Belgrade, as first NGO dealing with HIV. JAZAS works in the field of prevention of HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights in key HIV populations and among youth, stigma and discrimination against populations associated with HIV; education of the health workers and other professionals, as well as the outreach workers; research in the public health, mostly with focus on HIV issues. JAZAS contacts with vulnerable groups will allow them to reach the target population and enrich the final results of the project.

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Globally engaged University that is built upon outstanding regional roots, committed to transforming lives through innovative, inclusive and entrepreneurial education and research. It has led or partnered on a number of EU funded projects, particularly in the engineering and global sustainability domains.