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Little is known about specific actions taken to ensure the transition of young LGBT+Q+ people from the education system into the labour force. Furthermore, research shows that the discrimination of LGBT+Q+ people in work contexts remains a reality all throughout Europe (FRA (2020): „EU LGBT II Survey: A long way to go for LGBTI equality“):

  • One in four (26 %) hide being LGBT+Q+ at work.
  • Two in 10 (21 %) felt discriminated against at work and one in 10 (10%) when looking for work within the last 12 months.
  • The majority of LGBT+Q+ respondents aged 15-17 have experienced discrimination in some area of life (53 %).

Many victims of discrimination – especially younger ones – are unaware of how to file a formal complaint which leads to them internalizing their experiences and trying to cope with it independently instead of reporting it. This leads to discrimination in the workplace often remaining a secret.