Radhika Seiler-Ramadas


Radhika Seiler-Ramadas is a post-doctoral researcher at the Medical University of Vienna’s Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, assisting in the co-ordination of the WE-Project. Having studied biology and applied linguistics with teaching and volunteer experiences across the globe, she focused on a PhD in Public Health, namely on improving school sex education and its implications. She also volunteered at an NGO in Vienna that offered psychosocial support for a marginalised group. Radhika is passionate about giving a voice to the lived experiences of marginalised populations.

“Being an ethnic minority has allowed me to understand the effects of discrimination and how it is absolutely necessary to break it down in order for societies to mature and move forward in health and well-being. It’s high time we respect, support and listen to LGBTIQ youth, more so in workplaces. That’s why the WE-Project is so important.”